11 Reasons Why You'll Love India

Traveling in India is an experience for all the senses and the reasons I love India are not due to the obvious, famous attractions like the Taj Mahal or even the beaches of Goa. It’s the little things which fascinated me. The land where love blooms in all colors, shapes, and sizes. India is imperfect, it is raw, it is real and the beauty in the dirt and the faith within the chaos reassures me that it’s ok not to be perfect. India can really teach you a lot and can be a transformative and life changing place to travel in. And, I’m giving you 11 Reasons Why You’ll Love India.

  1. Every Wash Of Color!

Every street you roam, every historical sight you visit, every temple & even the people are colorful. India is indeed a photographer’s dream. There’s a splash of color even in its food. The smell of incense and the sound of soft chanting from the temples at sunset and the golden dewy glow of sunrise or sunset across the paddy fields that give everything a magical and mystical aura.

2. Culture

How often have you seen a big fat family sitting together for dinner? India has it. Only India has the capability to bring everyone together as a family to enjoy a mass dinner. There’s no place on earth where families are as close as in India, with traditions which hold us tight. A place where marriage and tradition are sacred and worshipped.

3. Chai

If you’ll see something staple in different regions of India, it’s Tea a.k.a Chai. Every rural village, every urban city has it in every nook & corner. North or south east or west there’s this milky sweetness ready to gulp and ease our mind in a flush. Life is better with chai by your side, especially with the Indian herbs and spices.

4. The Music

As you watch the countryside rumble past from the open windows of the train, the rhythm, the music in the chaos will soothe your senses. The melodious Indian classical music – Hindustani and Carnatic is ancient and deep, unrivalled by any music from the rest of the world.

5. Food!

One Word. Heaven! If I had to choose one thing I absolutely loved in India & wish I could take back, it has to be its cuisine. Every state & every region has its own flavour & you’ll love jolting down all the good food you’re sighting. The country that has been living on the wonders of vegan food since times immemorial, which the rest of the world is now waking up to.

6. Indian Movies For The Win!

You’ll see varied emotions in Indian movies. And there’s not just Bollywood, there’s Kollywood, Mollywod, Tollywood & what not! You’ll be blown away by their types of movies. They dance they sing they cry they laugh they fight they love! India and Bollywood are inseparable. You can see its influence everywhere here and it binds all classes and religions.

7. Indian Attire!

Nowhere will you find, clothes worn so variedly & so elegantly! Every state has its own way of dressing. Now that’s fascinating, isn’t it? The jhumkas, nose rings and bindis are something you’ll love sporting with every Indian traditional attire.

8. Yoga

While the other people are doing horrible things to their abs with sit-ups and crunches, Indians are standing on one hand with one leg wrapped around their heads, experiencing an inner, spiritual glow, because – aha! Yoga isn’t just a workout for the body; it’s also an exercise for the mind and soul.

9. Unity In Diversity

Unity In Diversity is the essence of Incredible India. In fact it’s the main slogan of India. The difference between the diversity of life and unity of life, is that the diversity of life is the tolerance and the unity of life is sharing.

10. Festivals!

The Festivals are so vibrant. Is there another country in the world where there are as many festivals and reasons to celebrate as India? In fact, they have a holiday for each celebration and festival, they will work in between holidays instead of the other way round! Indians are never short of festivals, parties or celebrations. If they don’t have one, don’t worry, they will create one!

11. Family Members Relation Name!

That was a mouthful! Well, There is a name for every relation imaginable that you may encounter in Indian family instead of plain aunt, uncle and cousin! So, that’s how they don’t forget anyone while eating dinner, eh!


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