5 Simple Tips To Take That Perfect Travel Photograph Alone

5 Simple Tips To Take That Perfect Travel Photograph Alone

Let’s be real, shall we? Taking good photographs of yourself while travelling solo is one of the most challenging tasks I have come across and I’m not talking about selfies, I’m talking about photographs which reflects the places you’ve been. Selfies, just don’t justify the places I visit, heck! the photograph doesn’t even show anything other than my awkward face! So, how does this solo photo taking thing works? Turns out, it’s embarrassingly simple. The only thing you need to keep in mind? Patience & not worrying about looking silly! Here are 5 Simple Tips To Take That Perfect Travel Photograph Alone.

1. Learn The Art Of Self Timers

Sweep that Solo photograph taking problems off your hands & take that perfect travel photograph alone with Self-timers. I recommend mastering the art of self-timers because if you’re travelling alone, this is the most reliable photographer you have. Here’s a fact: for every 20 photos you take, you only get 1 perfect shot, which leads us to the 2nd tip.

2. Timing

Speaking of timing, plan ahead! Weekends & holidays are a bad idea if you want to take gorgeous pictures of yourself with a stunning backdrop. Take your time, but not too much, don’t be that person who doesn’t get to experience things because of a photograph. Photographs are important, but what’s even more important is, you experiencing things in your own perspective. Walk around, let your creative soul wander around & let things around you spark inspiration.

3. 4K Photography

If you like the idea of many shots to choose from, you’ll love 4K Photography. First let me tell you about Burst mode, it’s also kind of useful in taking solo photographs. Burst mode is a setting on your camera which allows it to take lots of photos in a short space of time. You’ll have more photos to choose from. So, what’s 4K Photography? It’s burst mode on steroids! The camera captures video 30 frames per second with little motion blur, in other words, you’ll have 150 different shots to choose from a 5 second video.

4. Selfie Sticks To The Rescue

You must be thinking, how lame can I get. Well, the truth is, Selfie Sticks are lame! But do they get the job done? Oh, hell yes! If it works for you, own it, and do it with no shame. The key is however, learn your angle!  And finally, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is to be as shameless as possible. Remember, the less you care, the better your photos will come out.

5. The Art Of Minimalism

Sometimes, less is truly more. You don’t have to fit everything in one picture. Space them out. May be go for a certain corner and focus on small things which will make the frame look better. Don’t try too hard to fit all those monuments in one picture, or all those buildings in one single shot. Mind how much of yourself you incorporate in your photo as well. Trying to squish everything in sight in one photo can be overwhelming, and sometimes, the photo may come out a little too cluttered. Clean shots are more appealing to the eyes.

Whether it’s staged or not, you’ll look back at the moment as you stare at your photo, and you will remember the feeling you had when you explored this new place. Not the awkwardness you felt when you tried to capture that memory. Happy clicking!

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