Odisha Tour Packages

India is a country simply brimming with amazing places to discover, but amongst the most incredible destinations is Odisha in the country’s east near the Bay of Bengal. For adventurous tourists, Odisha – known as Odisha until 2011 – offers an enticing blend of activities including wildlife safaris, stunning hikes, and beautiful historical temples, Odisha has to be in your travel bucket list, and you can book your next vacation with the best travel agency in Odisha. Located to the south of the West Bengali province, Odisha has a long and intriguing history as well as a rich and vibrant modern culture.

It is mentioned in history books that are well over two thousand years old, meaning it is a place with a long and fascinating backstory, yet today is a vibrant and exciting destination that is developing rapidly. Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels is one of the best Tour Operators in Bhubaneswar & helps you explore the rarest of the rare places.
Each year, Odisha tourism becomes more popular as more and more visitors arrive to soak in the incredible sights of the region, from the stunning countryside landscapes to the bustling cities.

Today, there are many incredible sights where visitors can learn about Odisha’s fascinating history. Some of the very oldest sights in the region include the rock paintings of Gudahandi, which are thought to be more than 20,000 years old. To walk within these caves is to truly walk in the footsteps of our most distant ancestors. Our Odisha Tour Operators will ensure that you have an experience for a lifetime.

This is because the site is evidence for some of the oldest origins of mankind, and to visit them as tourists to Odisha is to truly get a feel for the thousands of years of history that cloak the region. Other incredible historic sites are somewhat more recent but no less impressive – such as the stunning Konark Sun Temple, which is famous worldwide for its stunning architecture. Built in the 13th Century, although some parts of the temple are now in ruins, many of the most beautiful and intricate carvings and areas are still preserved. With our Odisha Tour Packages, you’ll get to know what’s the true meaning of beauty.

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