Cherish The Festive Occasion Of Raja In Odisha With Special Discounts From Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels

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Cherish The Festive Occasion Of Raja In Odisha With Special Discounts From Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels

Odisha – The Eastern state of India, always lives true to its ancient values and traditions, & is popularly known all around the globe for its vibrant culture and host of local festivals. However, the best time to visit the state is when the popular Raja Festival begins. It’s the time when tradition and culture of the place can be seen at its best.

The Raja Festival

“Raja Parba” or “Raja” – It’s exactly the same as it sounds. It’s a famous three-day festival observed in Odisha in the mid of June. People believe that the mother goddess Earth undergoes menstruation in the first 3 days of the festival, while its second day marks the beginning of solar month Mithuna. It’s when the rainy season sets in.

From swings & songs to food, fun, & more, the festive occasion offers a delicate balance of old and new, resulting in a smorgasbord of things to do. Certainly, it’s a festive holiday experience taken to another level.

The Rituals

During this 3-day festival, women get a break from their routine household chores & enjoy some of the indoor & outdoor games. Girls love to cherish these moments by wearing something new from the latest fashion or flaunting traditional Sarees with Agatha in their feet, & nobody walks barefoot on the earth.

Making The Most Of This Opportunity

Well, above all, don’t miss the opportunity to travel Odisha during the Raja Festival with Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels! The icing on the cake, Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels offering up to 10% discount to let you have a feel of real festivity. With more than 60 branded luxury vehicles of all make, we let you travel to different parts of the state to live the celebration with your loved ones in its true colors. And, no one can really match the safety & comfort of our class. Cherish the moments while dancing, singing, and playing traditional games in any part of Odisha and we make things happen for you with our luxury travel services.

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