Plan Your Next Vacation In Odisha And Explore Popular Attractions

Travel to Sun Temple of Odisha

Plan Your Next Vacation In Odisha And Explore Popular Attractions

Everyone loves to be around somewhere during the holidays, they have never been before. And, when it comes to Summer, people desperately look to beat the heat & get some cool. To avoid the scorching sun, they love visiting hill stations, beaches, and lakes. Most families take their summer vacation as a perfect opportunity to explore the popular tourist attractions in different parts of the country and even abroad. And, you may not be an exception!

If you’re looking for such summer getaways & planning to spend some quality time with family, you couldn’t have found a better place than the Eastern state of India, Odisha.

Rich in cultural heritage and brimming with some of the most wonderful attractions in the world, it’s a place to relax and unwind your stress. In one word – Odisha is really a heaven for the tourists! And, the best thing is, we at Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels, offer the most attractive Odisha tour packages in the market to provide you with an everlasting vacation experience that you will cherish for the lifetime.

Here are some of the popular attractions that you can explore with us this summer.

  • Puri Beach: Rightly called the Goa of the East, Puri Beach is a place like no other. Located in Puri, Odisha, the Beach lies along the shores of the Bay of Bengal with breathtaking attractions. However, the beach is not just famous for being a tourist attraction, but it is also a sacred place for Hindus, where the world famous Jagannath Temple is situated.
  • Konark Temple: Located almost 35 kilometers from Puri on Odisha’s coastline, this 13th-century sun temple has some great historic values and is dedicated to the “Hindu God” of Sun, “Surya”. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that receives millions of tourists every year.
  • Chilika Lake: If a sunbath at the beach is not enough, let us take you to the Chilika Lake, where you can enjoy some delicious seafood, birds, boat rides, and moderate climate, to have a sheer taste of Odisha tourism.

Well, these are only a few destinations to name and our Odisha tour packages include places like Shanti Stupa at Dhauligiri, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, and everything else that Odisha has to offer. We not only provide a guided experience but also give you the most luxurious accommodation and travel experience at the best possible prices. Let’s plan a trip together.

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