Should You Take Your Pet For A Tour With You? Consider The Pros & Cons

Should You Take Your Pet For A Tour With You? Consider The Pros & Cons

If you could, wouldn’t you take your “furry hooman” everywhere with you? Travelling with a pet is awesome, and I truly believe they enjoy it. All pet owners must know that pet travel is famously at rising. However, travelling with pets isn’t as easy as packing their food dish and taking them for an evening stroll. There are various factors to consider when it comes to taking your pets along on a trip. It really pays to be prepared when travelling with your pet, and knowing beforehand where you can and cannot take him/her along. So, Should You Take Your Pet For A Tour With You? Consider The Pros & Cons.

Let’s discuss the cons first. Let there be brightness after the darkness. Lol. Here we go!




The most challenging part has to be transportation. While most airlines permit bringing a smaller dog with you (weighing 10 lbs or less), the bigger dogs have to go in the cabin. And, then come other airlines which don’t have weight limits, they have size limits, which means that your pet should be able to fit in a pet carrier that goes under a seat, no matter the weight.  But fret not, there are many pet transportation companies that could help with the journey including all the paperwork necessary to enter another country. 

O the paperwork! Each country has its own importation and exportation requirements when it comes to travelling with pets. You will need to bring all medical records and proofs of vaccination. You should also check your dog’s identification and make sure everything is up to date. You will need a whole bunch of paperwork if you choose air travel for you and your pet. Make sure to learn about all requirements specific to the area you’re heading to.

Pet Travel Can Be Expensive

Let’s be honest, to take your pet for a tour with you is going to be costly. Between the costs of air tickets, hotel fees, and deposits it can all add up. Most airlines charge at least $125 one way with an in-cabin pet. This can cost as much as your own plane ticket for a round-trip flight. But, everything will be worth it once you finish this process. Once you get the means of travel and paperwork out of the way then you could stroll around a new city or get lost in the wilderness of a new country with your “Furry Hooman”

Your Pet Might Freak Out

It’s only natural that your pet will take time to adjust to a new room & environment. Pets love routine, so a new surrounding will obviously make them restless. What you can do is, spend the first hour with them, make them feel comfortable, take them out so that they can explore the surroundings and get where they are.

Travelling with your pet isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

Okay, enough of the Darkness. Here comes the light!



It Will Be A Whole New Experience For You & Your Pet

Imagine all the new experience you and your “furry hooman” will partake. Pets can help you explore areas you’d never think about. If your pet is a people lover, then travelling to new cities will be right up their alley. There’ll also be new friends that they’ll be able to make. You’ll create memories for a lifetime & have those amazing pictures you would look back & cherish.

You’ll Never Miss Them

Having your pet along for the adventure is hands down the major pro of pet travel. Imagine all the priceless memories you will be making when your furry friend comes along. Also, you don’t have to constantly worry about them and miss them – it can be downright stressful for both you and your fur baby. It will save you from waiting anxiously to get an update and separation anxiety, which is twice as much stressful for your pet.

Safety: For Both Of You!

No one knows better how to handle their pets quite like their owners. And, no one knows better how to protect their owners like their pets. It’s a fact that many locals try to take advantage of tourists. Either by selling them things they don’t need, ripping them off, pickpocketing, or worse yet, mugging or other violence. But when you have your pet beside you, anyone would think that you’re a local. This gives another reason to take your pet for a tour with you.

You’ll Get A Great Companion & Social Buddy!

Your pet will bring lots of joy on a boring journey, not just for you but for fellow travellers as well. The best thing is you’ll get to spend time with them, without worrying about them when you left them at your friend’s house the last time. Travelling around cities or even in the outdoors, you’ll likely come across other pets and other animals which means your pet will get to meet more friends to play with.

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