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Exotic And Mind Blowing Monsoon Tour Packages

Exotic And Mind Blowing Monsoon Tour Packages

Monsoon is here and this is one of the most enjoyable times to plan your vacation and set out for a trip full of fun and adventure. With the advent of monsoon, nature adores itself with lush greeneries and mesmerizing beauties which you will surely miss if you don’t plan your monsoon trip right now. Think none other than Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels for your vacation travel needs because it is the best travel agency in Odisha and you will experience complete peace of mind and a wonderful vacation. Take advantage of Monsoon tour packages up to 10% discount. We’re the expert in organizing travel plans and have recently launched some of the best packages with attractive discounts and combo offers.

The popular destinations offered in the monsoon tour package in India are as follows:

  • Trip to Lonavala-Khandala
  • Kerala delight tour
  • Kerala splendor
  • Odisha beaches
  • Andaman with Havelock island

Why monsoon is the ideal time for your vacation trip?

  • Ultimate Natural Beauty: Monsoon changes nature completely and enhances its beauty by several times. The fresh water of the raindrops washes away the trees and plants and everything get filled up with greeneries which is a treat for our eyes to watch. All the flora and fauna gets rejuvenated and the dried up waterfalls begin to show its true colors once again. Rivers and oceans get new life during monsoon and the mountains get decorated with lovely new flowers. Overall nature undergoes a complete makeover and this is perhaps the best time to travel and soothe your mind.
  • Lower Rates: As there is less number of tourist during the monsoon season the hotel, flight, and related booking rates tend to be cheaper and more attractive. Similarly, water sports activities and ticket prices of several adventure sports also go down and thus it is the best opportunity to travel your heart out with no pinch in the pocket. Even you can get luxury suites at a hotel in relatively cheaper price close to a normal room and you can have a lavish stay during your vacation.
  • Best Time for Honeymoon: Monsoon makes nature more romantic and it’s the best time to plan your honeymoon. You will surely have a delightful time with your partner as the raindrops touch you and you get the opportunity to witness the serene beauties of nature along with your partner. Stand under the rain together and spend some romantic time in the day while you cuddle in the bed at night after a delicious dinner at the hotel. You will have the best honeymoon experience after you go out for a vacation tour during the monsoons.
  • Kerala at Its Best: You should definitely go for the Kerala tour package as there are several things which you can experience at Kerala especially during the monsoons. Several rituals and events are held in Kerala during the monsoon time and one of them is the famous harvest festival Onam. You can also get the best Ayurvedic treatments during the monsoon in several hotels of Kerala which involves meditation, yoga and essential oils. Truly Kerala is known as ‘God’s Own Country’.

Thus to conclude we can say that the tour packages offered by Sand Pebbles Tour N Travels are one of the best so far. Do not waste a single moment and grab this opportunity right now and have a trip which you will remember for the rest of your life.  

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