Odisha Beach Tours with Sand Pebbles Tours

Odisha Beach Tour

Odisha Beach Tours with Sand Pebbles Tours

Looking for a way to cool off during the vacations? Or are you looking for a destination with sandy beaches? Who doesn’t want to relax on soft and clean sand with their toes dipped in the cool water? While you’re at the beach, your worries literally go ‘poof’.What do you think about an Odisha beach tour?

Choose to go to Odisha! Odisha has 485 kilometres of coastline with a perfectly fine sandy beach and crystal clear waters. If you want to choose Odisha as your vacationing destination, choose Sand Pebble Tours for a perfect Odisha beach tour! Think of all the ways you would want to experience your Odisha beach tour. Maybe you’d want fine dining, a luxurious room, tranquillity, world-class beach resorts. Odisha has it all and Sand Pebble Tours cover all of these aspects in their Odisha beach tour.

Sand Pebble Tours offer tour guides for the Odisha beach tour. Not only do you get to experience the luxury and fine dining in Odisha, you get to explore all the hidden nooks and crannies of Odisha. These tour guides are fully trained and qualified in what they do. So don’t worry and just trust your tour guide on your Odisha beach tour.

The first thing that happens on this tour is your arrival to Kolkata. You then board a train to Balasore and get travel to Chandipur. After spending the night in Chandipur, you get to travel to Bhubaneswar. From Bhubaneswar, you travel to Konark and spend the night there. From Konark to Puri and from Puri to Gopalpur, spending a night in each location. The last location you visit is Taptapani.

Sand Pebble’s Odisha beach tour is an 8 day package which costs around 79,598 INR. Considering the luxurious beach trip and fine dining you get to experience, this amount is justifiable.

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