Odisha’s Serene Beach Tours

Odisha’s Serene Beach Tours

Odisha’s Serene Beach Tours

Blessed with innate natural charm, Odisha’s Serene Beaches will make you fall in love! Odisha beaches are famous for golden sand, deep blue sea and the cool winds along with that the morning and evening views added extra charm in beaches for visitors. You should definitely take the Odisha’s Serene Beach Tours once in your life. The long stretches of golden sands, the deep blue sea and the cool winds are what makes this place so unique and marvellous. These are some of the amazing beaches you can explore in Odisha.

1.Aryapalli Beach
Near the town of Chatrapur, Aryapalli Beach is a calm and composed Beach. The Sand Mineral Project is a major attraction on the beach. The arrays of Casuarina trees provide a perfect vibrancy to the place. The dusks and dawns are spectacular while the climate is fortifying, the beach makes the natural phenomenon more serene.

2.Gopalpur Beach
A paradise for marine lovers, the Gopalpur beach is the site of an ancient seaport and the ancient lighthouse on the beach stands as a memento of the bygone era. The serene quiet beach with the remnants of the pillars of an old jetty and a port, this beach is secluded and has a calm surrounding. Located at a distance of 186 km from the capital city of Bhubaneswar, the Gopalpur beach in Odisha is an ideal place to relax amidst natural surroundings. It is probably this natural setting of the Gopalpur beach and the vibrant local lifestyle that captivate the tourists most.

3.Puri Beach
This is among the slightly more commercialized beaches which is about one and a half kilometre from the city centre. The fine white sands of Puri beach and the roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal have always fascinated visitors. For centuries now, the beach at Puri has been the venue for countless pilgrims who come for taking the traditional purification dip. The State Tourism Development cell organizes beach fairs sand art displays that are worth your time.

4.Chandipur Beach
Ever saw a Sea disappearing in front of your eyes? Chandipur Beach is unique, which sets it apart from other beaches of India. One of nature’s many wonders, the sea recedes massively from the beach during the ebb and returns to fill the emptiness during high tide. This hide-and-seek of the sea comes to play twice a day and seeing the sea disappear and then return is an unforgettable experience. Chandipur lies around 200 km from state capital Bhubaneswar. From here, one can either take the train to Balasore, the closest town at a distance of 10 km, and then travel by road, or take the entire journey by road on National Highway 5.

5.Chandrabhaga Beach
The golden sand and the casuarina trees add to the natural glamour of the beach. But the biggest claim to fame for the Chandrabhaga beach is the Konark Temple or the Sun Temple. Originally, the waters of the Chandrabhaga beach used to flow towards the celebrated sculpted wheel on the Konark Temple but today, the sea has shifted and it is almost 2 km away from the temple. The sun-kissed sand and the dazzling waters of the place, make the beach drenched in serenity.

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