Taking A Thailand Tour On A Budget

Taking A Thailand Tour On A Budget

Who doesn’t want to travel to a foreign destination? But what stops us from doing so? If you think travelling to an international destination could burn a hole in your pocket, you have come to the right place. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on travelling an international destination, and one such destination is Thailand. We’re going to tell you how you can take A Thailand Tour On A Budget. 


1. Travel During The Low Season

If your schedule allows, then you should travel during the low season. The prices are not skyrocketing, drinks are less expensive, you’ll get to experience the authentic thai flavour. This sounds easy enough, but it’s complicated by the fact that Thailand doesn’t have a single low season. In Koh Samui, a popular resort island in the Gulf of Thailand, the low season is October through December, the rainiest time of year, with another lull in the spring. In Phuket, an even more popular resort island in the Andaman Sea, late summer is the low season. If saving big bucks is your priority, low season travel is ideal for you.

2. Cut Low On Accommodation

Stay at hostels and affordable hotels. Thailand is a heaven for budget-friendly accommodations. With minimal effort, you can almost certainly find a room in a conveniently located Bangkok hostel for the equivalent of $10 or less per night. Yes, $10 or less per night. It’s more convenient if you book your hotel or search for an accommodation while roaming the streets. You’ll find amazing hostels & house guest accommodations at dirt cheap price, which will help you in planning the Thailand tour on a budget.

3. Use Public Transport

Local transportation in Thailand is very cheap if you stick to buses. Taxis and other forms of transportation can get expensive over time, but the public buses are very easy to use and will cost you very little, about 20 cents per ride. Taxis are cost-competitive with public transit only over short distances. If you’re trying to get from one side of the city to the other, you’ll pay three or four times more (and take at least twice as long) for a taxi.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses In Touristy Areas

Touristy areas tend to charge more on everything. You’ll pay a noticeable premium to shop and dine in Thailand’s touristy precincts. But outside the business districts of larger cities, where everything is more expensive, touristy neighbourhoods are pretty well circumscribed.

5. Opt For Street Food

Thai street food is delicious & hell cheap! Check out street food options, instead of finding restaurants, to save a few Bahts. Thailand’s ubiquitous street food carts have much lower overhead costs than sit-down restaurants.

Strategize your trip according to you and enjoy your Thailand Tour On A Budget. 

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