Unusual Things To Do On A Nepal Tour

Unusual Things To Do On A Nepal Tour

Nepal has shared its culture, history & heritage with India for centuries. A lot of tourists flock to the capital city and make their opinion about the whole country. The exchange of invaluable narratives of Nepal stops when we decide to actually visit the place. Instead of delving into the country as the home of Himalayas and cradle of Hinduism, Indian travellers restrict themselves to the cheap thrills of casinos and unimaginative itineraries. So, if you’re interested in the offbeat itineraries you would like to take, here are some Unusual Things To Do On A Nepal Tour


1. Visit The Royal Narayanhiti Palace Museum

A place of special significance, was once the home to the royal family until a revolution took over the monarchy. It’s built in the 60s, with wood-panelled walls, marble tile flooring, and the smell of mothballs wafting off of old tiger skins that adorn the floor, it’s unlike any place you’ll ever visit. One of the more interesting and somewhat creepy things about this palace is that it was the site of the royal massacre.

If you’re not familiar with Nepal’s history, it’s an extremely fascinating story. Although there are many versions, it seems that the most popular is a very bizarre love story. Prince Dipendra was madly in love with a woman whom his mother didn’t approve of. One night during a monthly reunion dinner, he got extremely drunk and high and was asked to leave the party. He later came back with several machine guns and shot the entire royal family, killing ten members and wounding many others. He then turned the gun on himself. It’s said that this event led to the downfall of the monarchy.

2. Roam Around Freak Street!

It was the tourist hotspot a few years ago until Thamel took over. It’s a really cool street filled with little shops and cosy restaurants. Most tourists don’t see the charming nature of Freak Street. Perhaps they only see the Kathmandu of today. Walking down along Freak street, take in the “old Kathmandu charm” where people still greet you out of friendliness with no inclination to sell a souvenir or knock you over with a motorbike. It’s located extremely close to the popular Durbar Square, so it’s a great place to stop and grab some food in between sightseeing.  

3. Make Time For Tranquility Spa

Spas in Asia are a delight! Compared to any other country, the spas in Nepal are cheap and the quality is usually pretty great. Tranquility Spa is located in Thamel as well as a few other locations throughout Kathmandu. You’ll be able to get two 90 minute ayurvedic massages for 1500 rupees each. The whole experience will be super relaxing compared to some massages where you cringe in pain the whole time.

4. Hike To Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake is one of those breathtaking sites in the world that hasn’t been impacted by mass tourism. Being surrounded by snowy mountains it is possible to reach the lake only by foot. Tilicho base camp (4200m altitude) is the last point where you can find food, accommodation and other basic support you might need. The climb to the lake is steep and challenging, though the views from the top are totally worth the effort.

5. Cooking Class In Kathmandu

One of the best things you can do in Nepal is taking a cooking class, where you’ll get to experience the authentic flavour of Nepal, with a local family. They’ll tell you about the main ingredients used in their local food, their preparation process & not to forget the tasting session. It’s the highlight. Tasting the food you prepared, along with Nepali local family is an experience can’t be described in words. You’ll particularly love this experience because it will be the real taste of local life in Nepal.

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