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Sand Pebble’s Hill Station Tours

If you want to experience some scenic eye candy, East India Hill Station is the destination for you to choose. A company namely Sand Pebbles offers Hill station tour packages which make your trip one of the best experiential trips you will ever experience. What better company other than Sand Pebble’s to choose to help organise your hill station tour trip?

North East India Hill Station comprises of seven states, also known as Land of the Seven Sisters. You will feel like Alice in Wonderland in North East India Hill Station. It consists of every bit of nature you can imagine. From vast flowing rivers to snow-capped mountains to ancient monasteries and historical places, waterfalls, pristine lakes and green forests, this place is to-die-for.

Choose the hill station tour packages offered by Sand Pebbles and explore some of the best places in North East India Hill Station. Here are a few places you can either explore on your own or they are covered in the hill station tour packages:

  • Shillong. Also known as Scotland of the East. Tourists flock to this place like ants to sugar during the summers. Shillong is very popular for its cascading waterfalls and green hills and its cool environment.
  • Gangtok. This hill station is perched on a steep mountain ridge. The mountains are all snow capped and you can enjoy the scenery and environment from the window of your hotel while enjoying a cup of hot tea. The spectacular views of Kanchenjunga will leave you stunned.
  • Kurseong. A tiny hill town, it is located near West Bengal. A little further from the East. It is mostly known for its tea estates and beautiful white orchids which are grown wild.
  • Cherapunji. Situated in Meghalaya, same as Shillong. Cherapunji is known to be one of the wettest places on earth. Which is why it is the great place for people who hate the sweltering heat and love the cool environments. Cherapunji has a waterfall known as Nohkalikai which is known to be the tallest waterfall in India.
  • Pelling. This place is one of the most famous hill stations in Sikkim. The Pemayangste Monastery, which is famous in East India, is located just a kilometre away from Pelling. You can easily hike there, all the while enjoying the mountainous and cool environment.
    Sand Pebbles covers all of these locations in most of their hill station tour packages. Make sure you make a good choice!
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